Talkative girl- Blue’s ranking


Talkative girl- Blue’s ranking     對情人有說不完話的星座女  

First:Aries                 第一名:白羊座  
Second: Gemini       第二名:雙子座  
Third:Aquarius        第三名:水瓶座  
Fourth:Pisces           第四名:雙魚座  
Fifth:Virgo                第五名:處女座 

Aries share their affair with lover every day.

For them, this is one of the most important things in their daily life.

Gemini are talkative, when they face lover, they are more talkative. They can even talk all the day except sleeping.

Aquarius is easy to chat in front of lover, no matter him response or not, they can be very talkative.

Once Pisces fall in love, they always stay with their lover. Therefore, they share all the thing with their lover.

It is difficult for Virgo to trust others. Virgo only remove the mask when they face their lover; they talk whatever they want to their lover.


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