Afraid of girls’ activeness—–Blue’s ranking


Afraid of girls’ activeness—–Blue’s ranking【害怕女生太主動的星座男】
First: Aries                第一名:白羊座
Second: Capricorn   第二名:摩羯座
Third: Taurus           第三名:金牛座
Fourth: Cancer         第四名:巨蟹座
Fifth: Pisces               第五名:雙魚座


Aries men are highly motivated, they like to chase others more but not used to being chased. Capricorn men and Taurus men love a person need time to observe, if the girls are too active, they will be afraid.
Though Cancer men with Pisces men are relatively lukewarm, but they still a little bit strong in their relationship. If girls are too active, they will feel unable to control the situation and retreat.。

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