What does each zodiac sign do during meetings?


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What does each zodiac sign do during meetings?

Blues Bear has created illustrations of the mischievous behaviors of each zodiac sign during meetings. Do you exhibit similar behaviors during meetings?

Aries: Habitually absent or late
Taurus: Rambling and incoherent
Gemini: Thinking about what to eat later
Cancer: Holding in their urge to use the bathroom and struggling to express themselves
Leo: Taking control of the meeting as the host
Virgo: Playing with their phone, entering a different realm
Libra: Chatting with their neighbor, trying to build relationships
Scorpio: Taking a quick nap due to boredom and fatigue
Sagittarius: Finding their own ways to have fun
Capricorn: Taking notes seriously
Aquarius: Having many opinions and thoughts to share
Pisces: Daydreaming

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