12 signs’ index of popular

12 signs’ index of popular   12星座人見人愛指數 

Aries  popular index 85               白羊座:85分
Taurus  popular index 70            金牛座:70分
Gemini  popular index 95           雙子座:95分
Cancer  popular index 65            巨蟹座:65分
Leo popular index 80                   獅子座:80分
Virgo popular index 70                處女座:70分
Libra  popular index 95               天秤座:95分
Scorpio popular index 65            天蠍座:65分
Sagittarius popular index 90       射手座:90分
Capricorn popular index 60        摩羯座:60分
Aquarius  popular index 80        水瓶座:80分
Pisces  popular index75              雙魚座:75分


Those who get high score are out- going.

They are easily blending in with others, so they are popular.

Those get low score do not mean they are annoying.

They need more time to show themselves.

Only their good friends can see their side of funny.

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